Welcome to OpenHatch’s Documentation

OpenHatch values open communication. We believe documentation is an important part of a welcoming community. If you would like to see some of the projects that we are currently working on, please visit the OpenHatch website <http://openhatch.org>.

Trying to get your bearings with our documentation? Take a look at the Project Overview or Contact Us to ask questions. We also have a wiki with a lot of informal documentation and other useful things on it.

Confused or dismayed by our documentation? Please let us know so we can improve it! Make an issue on our issue tracker or Contact Us via email or IRC to chat with us about it. We take our documentation seriously and wish it to be helpful to you.


Contributor’s Guide

The Contributor’s Guide provides an introduction to contributing to the OpenHatch project.

Technical Guide to Development and Documentation

The Technical Guide provides information to contributors interested in developing software or writing documentation for OpenHatch projects.

Operations Guide

The Operations Guide gives an overview of the infrastructure and processes that keep the OpenHatch website running efficiently.


We encourage our contributors to write tutorials and share their process knowledge with other contributors. The tutorials are intended to be focused ‘how to’ documents.

Community Guide

Many people help OpenHatch serve newcomers to open source. The Community Guide helps explain our teams, individuals, and activities that support our goal of being a welcoming and helpful community.

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