Project Overview

OpenHatch is an effort to help people get involved in free, open source software communities.

Our main website,, contains tools to find open source projects you can join, interactive lessons (“missions”) to learn the skills needed to get involved, and a place to say what projects you work on or want to help.

We keep the code that runs the website on Github in the repository oh-mainline. The documentation can be found at

The website is a Python+Django app with jQuery and CSS and HTML on the frontend, and aims for high test coverage (mostly succeeding) and high usability (though it is not there yet). You can read more details about how the code is structured in this document, which we’re working to improve.

The best way to contact us about the website is to send an email to our contributors list or find us at #openhatch on (Other ways to contact us.)

Other elements of the OpenHatch project:

Projects that are sort of being “incubated” by OpenHatch, in that they’re not fully ready yet, but are promising and exciting:

Oppia-based rewrite of the training missions:
“Greenhouse,” a project to help open source projects greet new contributors: