WordPress theming


The OpenHatch blog is powered by WordPress. This Django-based codebase has some minimal hooks that enable us to style the WordPress blog by making changes to this Django codebase.


On a local instance, if you visit http://localhost:8000/+theme-stubs/wordpress/index , you will see an amusing absurdity: a Django template has been rendered, but the template blocks have been filled with placeholder strings.

The purpose of this page is to provide a machine-readable version of our theme which can, in turn, be processed by a separate engine to be turned into a WordPress theme.

(In the future, we may use this to generate a MediaWiki theme… and maybe a Roundup theme? Who knows.)

It is controlled by the template in mysite/base/templates/base/wordpress_index.html.

One thing to note: When exporting the page for use with WordPress, make sure your settings are configured to set DEBUG to False, or else every WordPress user will get a copy of the Django Debug Toolbar. This is not actually a problem, just an amusing fact. (TODO: When django-debug-toolbar gets this pull request landed <https://github.com/django-debug-toolbar/django-debug-toolbar/pull/303>, we can use that in the instructions.)

Editing the Wordpress CSS

If you wish to change the blog’s appearance, you may need to edit the CSS file here: https://github.com/openhatch/oh-mainline/blob/master/mysite/static/css/blog-style.css