Login Team Agreement

How to use this document

If you want to become part of the Login Team, you have to take this document, copy it into an email, and send it to asheesh at asheesh.org.

Inversely, this document serves as a record to visitors to the site: you can read it to find out what have people agree to in order to get shell access.

OpenHatch Servers Access & Usage Policies

Version 1.1

Version 1.0 of the OpenHatch Servers Access & Usage Policies becomes effective on April 30, 2011. Version 1.1 fixes some trivial typographic errors.


This document describes the policies for people who have direct (e.g., SSH) login access to any account on the OpenHatch Servers. When you are granted this, you become part of a group of people we call the Login Team.

General statement


Access to OpenHatch servers is a privilege, not a right or a commercial service, and Asheesh Laroia and the Login Team reserve the right to revoke this privilege at any time, without prior notice. An explanation will be given within 48 hours. Asheesh promises to try to have a reasonable conversation with you about the loss of access, including (if you ask for it) the possibility of gaining this privilege again.


There is no guarantee of service. Although the Login Team will do its best to assure that everything functions perfectly, they can’t give any guarantees.


If someone violates the rules set out in Policies section of this document, as Asheesh’s sole discretion, then Asheesh will revoke that person’s access. See also the “Privilege” section.

Rules and Guidelines

The following section defines OpenHatch’s Rules and Guidelines.

  • The rules are binding and may not be violated.
  • The guidelines specify rules that may be violated if necessary but we would rather one did not.

The Rules

You will not carry out any willful, deliberate, reckless or unlawful act, interfere with the work of another developer or jeopardize the integrity of data, equipment, systems programs, or other stored information.

You will not use the OpenHatch servers for financial gain or for commercial purposes, including consultancy or any other work outside the scope of official duties or functions for the time being, without specific authorization from Asheesh to do so.

You will not use OpenHatch servers for any unlawful activities whatsoever.

You will not deliberately interfere with or alter the integrity of the OpenHatch servers, by doing any of the following:

  • permitting another individual to use your shell login account;
  • impersonating other individuals in communication without their permission;
  • attempting to capture or crack passwords or encryption, unless you have permission from the account-holder to do that;
  • destroying or altering data or programs or anything belonging to other users, unless you are you doing something a user has explicitly permitted you to do.

You will not restrict or deny access to the system by legitimate users.

You will not transmit threatening or harassing materials.

When you copy private data onto a non-Login Team computer, for example user passwords that you copy through a MySQL dump, you promise to keep them safe on the computer you copied them to. You will try to delete them reasonably quickly, and should try to use the public data snapshots wherever possible.

You do not have to delete session IDs that come to you via the monitoring-private list, but you should not share them (because sharing session IDs can permit people to impersonate users).

You will not use OpenHatch servers in a manner which constitutes net abuse.

You will not allow any bot net or other criminal infiltration of the OpenHatch servers through carelessness or abuse, to the best of your ability. If you think you found or created a security hole, you will tell Asheesh. He promises to be nice to you in his acknowledgment of the issue.

The Guidelines

Processes: Do not run any long running process without the permission of Login Team. If you come up with cool ideas of for processes to run, you should have a conversation with the rest of the Login Team first. Running servers of any sort (this includes IRC bots) without prior permission from Login Team is also forbidden. Avoid running processes that are abusive in CPU or memory. If necessary Login Team will clean up such processes without warning.

WWW pages: In general, web space on the OpenHatch Servers is provided specifically for the purpose of serving the webapps of OpenHatch itself, whose goal is to help OSS projects get new contributors. Using your login account to create private ‘vanity’ pages on OpenHatch Servers is discouraged. (Obviously, the OpenHatch web app itself provides a way to create vanity pages; you may use that.)

Homedir: If you receive an email notification that your homedir is large and that more free space is needed then please promptly take action. The Login Team may find it necessary to clean up without warning.

Tunneling: If you need to use the OpenHatch servers as the end of a tunnel, like an SSH tunnel, try to talk to Asheesh first to make sure your use is okay. (If you had to do it in a hurry, try to tell him afterward.)

Mail/News: Don’t use the OpenHatch servers for reading email. If you want to forward your email address somewhere else, that’s fine; create a .forward file. If a developer becomes unreachable for a prolonged time, his/her accounts, data and mail forwarding/filtering/etc may be disabled until the person reappears.


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