Emergency operations for the OpenHatch server

The main OpenHatch server is a virtual machine hosted by linode.com.

What to do when the site isn’t working

  • Check if SSH is alive

    telnet linode.openhatch.org 22

    You should get a banner message. If so, things are not so bad. Someone with root (like Asheesh/paulproteus) can probably SSH in and figure out what’s going on.

  • If SSH is not alive, and the website is down… Find Asheesh, if possible. Otherwise, well, you might want to know about Lish.

Lish: Emergency reboots, and more

If you can’t load the website, and if the Linode doesn’t even respond to SSH, then people with access can connect over the Linode Shell and read console messages or reboot the virtual machine.

If you want to help us by being part of an emergency crew who can reboot it, see the next section.

PLEASE do not reboot the machine without getting in touch with paulproteus (Asheesh), unless it’s clearly a good idea to reboot it!

To get your key in the list

  • File a bug, and assign it to paulproteus.
    • The subject should be, “Add my SSH key to lish for linode.openhatch.org”
    • Explain who you are and why it is a good thing for you to be able to see the “physical console” of the virtual machine.
  • You should hear an answer back within 2 days.