About the OpenHatch community

The OpenHatch website is an open source, free software project. There are many ways that individuals and organizations can make contributions to it. Here’s what you can expect when attempting to contribute code and documentation.

We’re friendly and respectful

The existing community is proud of its reputation for being friendly, welcoming, and helpful. We want to accept code, documentation, design, and other contributions from as many people as possible – that can include you!

We have people of all backgrounds in the project. Diversity is one of our project’s strengths.

Generally, to contribute directly to the project’s growth, you can submit patches or Github.com pull requests. You can read more about that.

Community structure

Here are some sub-groups of the OpenHatch community:

  • Contributor: This refers to anyone who makes a contribution that gets put in the main OpenHatch git repository. To become part of this, just show up with a patch or pull request. (We’ll help you do that on the mailing list or IRC.)
  • Github commit group: These are the people who can push changes to our main git repository on Github. To become part of this, submit a few high-quality code reviews and ask the project lead for this power.
  • “Login team”: These are the people who can SSH into the main OpenHatch server. To become part of this, submit a few high-quality code contributions and then ask the project lead.
  • “Project lead”: Asheesh Laroia is the project lead. You can contact him with questions about the project.

Anyone can contribute to OpenHatch, through submitting a patch or pull request.

You might be interested to know that OpenHatch is also a non-profit, with its own governance. The non-profit and the code development team share some people, but they do not share a power structure.