Web Analytics Team

This is the set of people who have access to look at aggregate logs of our page views. Because we give people access to aggregated information, we expect it not to be personally identifiable information, so the privacy implications should not be huge.


When design or code or documentation or publicity or other contributors are thinking about what changes to make to the website, it is often very helpful to be informed by data about how people are using the site.

Who may join, and how to join

Any reasonably trustworthy contributor (such as: people who have shown up to the #openhatch IRC channel and seem to get along fine with other members; people who have contributed code to the project; or so forth) is welcome to join.

We might take your access away if you seem to not have been using it for one month. That is just constant housekeeping, not because we have stopped trusting you. If we do that, we will try to notify you (but might forget to), and you are free to ask for it back.

To join:

Email devel at lists.openhatch.org with a brief message, such as:

I’d like to join the Web Analytics Team because I want to know more about __________ and think that our aggregate page logs will help with that.

You should expect someone to reply to you within about 4 days with a yes or a no.


Right now, we use Google Analytics. You can log in here:

People on the Login Team are permitted to have “Manage”-level access.

People on the Web Analytics team are permitted to have “Edit”-level acces or “View”-level access.

The team isn’t technology-specific. If we add another web analytics tool, we should give these people a similar level of access.


Manage level:

  • Asheesh Laroia

Edit level:

  • Britta Gustafson
  • Susan Tan